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Take charge of your success with this easy to follow course.

Build a business website and attract the clients you want.

In this course we go over the step-by-step process of building a business website full of features with lots of functionality.

Our goal is to help you create your site at almost no cost, so that you can spend money working with professionals to improve your site only where required. Basically you will save a minimum of $1500 USD at minimum.

We will cover everything from choosing and purchasing a domain name to creating a complete online website for your company or brand.

As a BONUS you will receive huge discounts with our partners for buying your domain and hosting your website.

Maintain and grow your website and network.

We will cover the daily, weekly and monthly maintenance tasks that need to be completed to keep your website and network healthy and lively.

This complete course will change how you view the internet and change how your business interacts online forever.

This course covers all aspects of getting your site online including;

Part 1– Domains, Hosting, CMS Installation, Coming Soon Page.

Part 2 – Free vs. Paid; Choosing a design, and installing scripts.

Part 3 – Loading in your content and beautifying.

Part 4 – Blogging & Social Media Basics.

Part 5 – Getting Technical, Security, SEO, Backups & Analytics.

BONUS – Legal; Privacy Policy, Terms of Use & EU Cookie Policy.

You will need the following items to start this course and follow along.

• Your company name or logo

• Basic Website Content (text and photos to place in your site)

Lacking Content? – Add Content Course

• You will need to purchase a domain, SSL certificate and hosting account, covered in Part 1 of course.

The average cost of $90 USD per year, varies depending domain choice.

SSL certificates start at $0 – $150 USD and have a $30 install charge with most providers.

• Time: Complete Site Development is 4-6 hours depending on the quality of your internet connection.

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